why we should have medicare for all


By Abraham Joseph Beals


We should medicare for all because people are going bankrupt over health bills, people are dying because they have to mix their own medicine.  whether you agree or disagree with this, by all means read on!!!!!!!!!


Reason 1: health bills.

People go bankrupt over health bills every year. For example, let’s say your grandpa has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital and stays there for a week. Suddenly you find yourself devastated by a bill from the hospital asking you to pay a fine of $2oo,ooo you quickly phone the insurance company, but they will only pay $900. now you are broke according to bernie sanders  only 1% of americans are in the upper class and get a piece of the pie. While the rest of us middle classers starve on crumbs. 


Reason 2:

america always boasts about how they are the best country, but studies show an infant in canada has a better chance of living to up to 100  than an infant in u.s.a. The reason for this is in canada they have medicare for all, but we don’t! In Fact we are the only major industrialized country in the  whole world that doesn’t have medicare for all! Also american agriculture based on cows is causing global warming. Just think, the world is ending, so you can have your big mac from good old Mcdonalds.



I hope you see the urgency in my topic. I also hope you understand that healthcare is a human right. So in conclusion if in america everything is possible, Why have our leader chosen to fail us on this important issue?


marble run reflection

our marble run went for 6 seconds. i think it went very well because other peoples marble runs only went for one second.our marble run could have improve by making it longer