Rube Goldberg one

We in the online 5th grade class have come to the Rube Goldberg projects. I, personally, am not a big fan of Rube Goldberg but I think that I will enjoy this project. The objective is to pour milk in my cereal.

I have written down all of the materials I need but have yet to collect them. I will need some marbles. I will also require dominoes as well as pulleys. I will also need a small lever that I will role warble off of. I will then need to somehow get some milk and cereal. Then finally, I require a right angle inclined plane with a slant to it. this could fail in an immeasurable amount of  times. but to understand why this ten step mechanism could fail you must observe the process yourself.

It will start with me releasing the sling so the marble can roll down a ramp into a long row of dominoes.the the dominoes will knock a second marble in to a balanced pulley there by lifting the back end so it lifts part of the lever which releases a car into a marble which then falls into a second balanced pulley which knocks the milk into the inclined planes so the milk slowly pours into the bowl of cereal. as you can see, that seems like a waste of time. but isn’t that what Rube Goldbergs are for?

I really hope that this machine does not result in the destruction of my whole house. But instead, In sort of a useful machine.

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