Capstone Three

Hello readers! Today I will talk about answering my main inquiry question. For those of you who have not been reading my posts i suggest you start or nothing i say is gonna make sense. But anyway my main inquiry is under what circumstances do unions form and are their strategies effective in getting what you want. This phase was pretty easy to do because I did way more research than I needed to and my sub questions were legit. Though the only complication was my final project. Capstone overall was a breeze.

When I was creating my final project I faced some pretty annoying complications. One was that my project was partially screwed up by Wevideo repeatedly. For example, one time it shifted all my images 4 seconds up so I had to rearrange the whole thing. Also my narration was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than  expected so i had to shorten and find tons of images. Another complication is my green screening in my video. I had to do about 4 takes because I was in a basement and random noises kept sounding off. Also the Green Screen was wrinkled so that was annoying too. Overall this part was kind of annoying. But as they say, “If a man wants to grow a garden,he’s got to get his hands dirty.” If you wish to see my final project click here Link

So in conclusion unions are formed when an economic crisis affects the workplace or when there is a need to obtain special benefits. Their strategies become effective only through the power of numbers. Alone they fail but together they succeed. Unions have been the defender of the American dream and the helper of all those who have lost sight of it. Whether unions are good or bad depends on what union it is. This struggle between unions and employers is beyond good and evil in my opinion. It has become a profit versus morality struggle. A battle is coming soon and it has come time to choose one’s side. Which side are you on?

Here is my script for reference. It is not what I used in the end though.

Awesome capstone script.

So all in all if capstone was a baking recipe it would contain the following ingredients.

  1. Obsession
  2. Aversion
  3. Depression
  4. Numb acceptance
  5. Annoyance
  6. Enjoyment
  7. Relief. 


This product contains many failures and close calls. If you wish to make capstone open with care do to risk of obsession ingestion.

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