my thoughts on corona-virus 7

day 7 prisoner in my house.

I’m going to be stressed today because my mom forgot to check her emails and now I have so much work to do! I have to do all the ELA. I also got to do word study, and for the grand fenaly I have to do the long response.  Wish me good luck!

my thoughts on corona-virus 5

day 5, prisoner in my house.

I am no longer spending a lot of free time because I’m always having to do all this online school work all day. I appreciate all the hard work that my teachers are doing so I continue my schooling, but it’s so hard to do it from home when the teacher is your mom.

am also annoyed because the trump administration is pulling a big lie. I know this because the trump administration originally said that corona-virus was a hoax. Now there acting like they knew it all a long. sickening right?

I hope you all don’t get corona -virus!

my thoughts on corona-virus 4

I am having  a sudden realization on corona-virus. I predict that corona-virus will come in 3 waves like the passed pandemics. The first wave will only be a middle sized lump.(The one were on right now.) Then there will be the second wave, which will be a gigantic sized lump. Then there will be a tiny lump the last lump of the trio. I think this because the Spanish flu, a fellow pandemic, followed this strange pattern.

I am also surprised today. I’m surprised because I thought the stay in your house rule only applied to the San Francisco bay area.But it turns out that New York is taking the same protective measures.


My thoughts on Corona-virus1

Day one, prisoner in my house: I’m getting freaked out because I watched a disturbing documentary on the Spanish flu, which by the way, isn’t that different from corona-virus. Because they are both a pandemic. And also it is similar because the corona-virus and the Spanish flu both give you breathing problems. And they are also similar because they both are a virus and, you can’t vaccine virus’s! But they are different because Spanish flu started in Kansas while corona-virus started in Wuhan china.  But anyway, the deaths from Spanish flu reached a whopping 50 million! Which is more people than world war 1&2 combined did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know freaky! right????



Abraham Beals


I’m going to tell you a thing or two about Alfred. One day in the summer Alfred sat down on a chair and said, “Sit down Abraham. I’m going to tell you a long history lesson about World War 1 and 2.” “Can you tell me about the planes used in those wars?” I said.  “Sure,” said Alfred. “First tell me about American planes,”I said. “Ok. I will tell you about the mustang. The mustang was a famous fighter plane used from the end of World War 1 to the end of World War 2. Unlike many other planes this plane did not drop bombs. In fact it protected big planes that did drop bombs.” Suddenly I was flying through the air in a World War 1 mission. The sky was so dark I could not see the controls. Then I saw it, my right wing was on fire! I knew all hope was lost, so I ejected and landed right back next to Alfred just as he was showing me a picture of a Japanese zero.


“Whoa, did these two planes fight?”I said. “In fact they did, they had epic air battles,” said Alfred. “Did you see those crossed out circles?” said Alfred. “Yeah, what where those for?”I said. “Those were for how many planes he knocked out! You see the Japanese zero was created to kamikaze other planes!” (In case you were wondering all these planes are propeller planes.) “What about the spitfire,”I said. “Ah, the spitfire was a great plane, very fast, very maneuverable.” “Okay, tell me about two more planes,” I said. “Sure, I’ll tell you about a German plane called the mesheshmit. The mesheshmit was the first plane to use a jet engine! It had a siren on it which was used to ignite terror in the opponent’s heart,”said Alfred. “Wow! Tell me about one more American plane,”I said. “Okay, I’ll tell you about the warhawk. It flew through the air and bombed other places. It was a very tough plane. 


I wish I could tell you more kiddo, but I have to go. Here is a model plane of a warhawk.” And that is how I remember my talk with my Uncle Alfred.