Constitution project research

After completing my research i feel prepared and exited. it was very tiring to go through all my stuff and select the most relevant information. the thought of getting it done on time motivated me.

Constitution project

My topic is the first amendment and my question is why is the first amendment still being violated today? i chose this because it is the most radical of the questions i made.

Electoral College

I think the Electoral College should be abolished because it does not count all votes equally and it discourages people from voting. The Electoral College gives more weight to votes in Wyoming than votes in New York. For example every 668965 votes in New York are equal to one electoral vote. Whereas 183304 votes in Wyoming are also equal one electoral vote. this means that votes in Wyoming are worth more than ones in New York. It discourages voting because the candidate that wins the majority does not become the president therefor even if you vote in a blue state and you want a red candidate but they have all ready counted up 51% of the ballets, the majority of people just wouldn’t vote.

Where I stand on this election.

The to main candidates for this upcoming presidential election are Joe Biden (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican) I personally prefer Joe Biden because he is not a sexist or a racist. I also prefer him because he does not want to escalate the already to high conflict with Iran. I hope this encourages people to support Joe Biden.

Breaking News!

Today 1000 children were separated from there parents at the border and put in detentions camps by ICE. only 500 of those very same children have been returned to there family’s. In local news the Scarsdale district is deciding to do cross cohort streaming without the approval of the teachers, parents, and students. Where is our voice?!?


Coronavirus report 1

Today I went on a bike trip to the White Plains Library to pick up some books. When I came home I heard a crazy thing on the news. It was talking about a girl named “Grace” ( which is not really her real name.) who was arrested for not doing her homework. How insane is that! Here is a link that I found that will tell you all about what happened to her in full detail.

If you did not like that link type in , choose today’s report  and Amy Goodman will tell you all about it.



my thoughts on corona-virus 8

I am sad today because I saw an ambulance come into the white plains hospital and the driver came out of the car and said to the patient who was having trouble breathing are you feeling better? Can you breath any better and what the patient said was lost to the wind.

I felt scared, I asked my dad to return home What if we got sick too? 

my thoughts on corona-virus 7

day 7 prisoner in my house.

I’m going to be stressed today because my mom forgot to check her emails and now I have so much work to do! I have to do all the ELA. I also got to do word study, and for the grand fenaly I have to do the long response.  Wish me good luck!

my thoughts on corona-virus 6

Day 6, prisoner in my house.

Disgusted with trump because he is so racist! He is a racist because he keeps calling the corona-virus the “Chinese virus”. He is also racist because he encouraged people to be racist to Asian people because they assume they come from china. I am officially fed up with trump. This was the last straw!