my thoughts on corona-virus 5

day 5, prisoner in my house.

I am no longer spending a lot of free time because I’m always having to do all this online school work all day. I appreciate all the hard work that my teachers are doing so I continue my schooling, but it’s so hard to do it from home when the teacher is your mom.

am also annoyed because the trump administration is pulling a big lie. I know this because the trump administration originally said that corona-virus was a hoax. Now there acting like they knew it all a long. sickening right?

I hope you all don’t get corona -virus!

my thoughts on corona-virus 4

I am having  a sudden realization on corona-virus. I predict that corona-virus will come in 3 waves like the passed pandemics. The first wave will only be a middle sized lump.(The one were on right now.) Then there will be the second wave, which will be a gigantic sized lump. Then there will be a tiny lump the last lump of the trio. I think this because the Spanish flu, a fellow pandemic, followed this strange pattern.

I am also surprised today. I’m surprised because I thought the stay in your house rule only applied to the San Francisco bay area.But it turns out that New York is taking the same protective measures.


my thoughts on corona-virus3

Day 3: Prisoner in My House.

I’m very confused about whether or not the schools will open on March 18th like it was planned.  If they do, will I even go back to school or will I listen to what Governor Cuomo said and “stay home”? I am also confused about this: if we go back to school, will we still have lunch with other children in the multi-purpose room?  If the Scarsdale district follows NYC in closing  schools until April 20th (so sad they missed my b-day April 5th), I will have time to work on the exoskeleton I designed.

my thoughts on corona-virus 2

Day 2,prisoner in my house. I’m kind of surprised that I would say this but I miss school. I miss the work. I even miss ELA. but any way I am learning some good information on various plagues and diseases for instance the children’s rime ring around the rosy is name after some of the symptoms of black death?like the line ring around the rosy is referring to the first symptom  which is a red ring around your neck.Then the line pocket full of posy refers to the way people to put perfume on to drown out the  stench that the black death gave its victims. Also did you know  that the line ashes ashes we all fall down used to be achoo achoo we all fall down which was referring to the final symptom sneezing then as the rime said its to late “we all fall down.”

My thoughts on Corona-virus1

Day one, prisoner in my house: I’m getting freaked out because I watched a disturbing documentary on the Spanish flu, which by the way, isn’t that different from corona-virus. Because they are both a pandemic. And also it is similar because the corona-virus and the Spanish flu both give you breathing problems. And they are also similar because they both are a virus and, you can’t vaccine virus’s! But they are different because Spanish flu started in Kansas while corona-virus started in Wuhan china.  But anyway, the deaths from Spanish flu reached a whopping 50 million! Which is more people than world war 1&2 combined did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know freaky! right????

why we should have medicare for all


By Abraham Joseph Beals


We should medicare for all because people are going bankrupt over health bills, people are dying because they have to mix their own medicine.  whether you agree or disagree with this, by all means read on!!!!!!!!!


Reason 1: health bills.

People go bankrupt over health bills every year. For example, let’s say your grandpa has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital and stays there for a week. Suddenly you find yourself devastated by a bill from the hospital asking you to pay a fine of $2oo,ooo you quickly phone the insurance company, but they will only pay $900. now you are broke according to bernie sanders  only 1% of americans are in the upper class and get a piece of the pie. While the rest of us middle classers starve on crumbs. 


Reason 2:

america always boasts about how they are the best country, but studies show an infant in canada has a better chance of living to up to 100  than an infant in u.s.a. The reason for this is in canada they have medicare for all, but we don’t! In Fact we are the only major industrialized country in the  whole world that doesn’t have medicare for all! Also american agriculture based on cows is causing global warming. Just think, the world is ending, so you can have your big mac from good old Mcdonalds.



I hope you see the urgency in my topic. I also hope you understand that healthcare is a human right. So in conclusion if in america everything is possible, Why have our leader chosen to fail us on this important issue?


marble run reflection

our marble run went for 6 seconds. i think it went very well because other peoples marble runs only went for one second.our marble run could have improve by making it longer