Choosing a topic for Capstone

This week we started to talk about ideas for capstone. Capstone is a project related to what our interests and passions are. I started to think about what I love to do and what my interests are. I knew that I liked gymnastics, so that was an option, but then I started to think about other things that I am passionate about. I have just started an acting program and I also love to see Broadway shows, so I thought that Broadway was the perfect topic for me. I knew that I couldn’t just do Broadway and I had to narrow it down to something about Broadway. My friend Leila had a great idea and it was Broadway Casting. I loved that idea because it wasn’t such a small topic or a huge topic. Also, I already knew the perfect person to interview that would answer all of my questions about Broadway casting.

After we came up with a topic we had to think of a inquiry question that would help our research go even further. The day before we got huge pieces of paper and wrote our topic in the middle, then we got a pack of post its and wrote down all of the questions that we could think of. When I had to think of an inquiry question, I checked off all of the questions that I thought were reasonable and turned them into one question. I turned them into one question by using transitions in between each question. I think that that strategy really worked for me. When I was done I came up with a question that I thought was good, here it is. “What are the skills that you need to have to get a part and are the qualities different for particular shows.” I showed my teacher and she thought it was good but she also thought that when I did my research it would turn out to be in list form. So, I came to a different question that is open ended, “What is the process that a casting director goes through to find the best person possible for a specific part?” I think that my second one is way better than the first question and I am very excited to research about it.


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