7th grade tech: Talking about building

Hi, I’m Alexander, and I’m here to talk about building. I feel to “build something” is to put two or more things together to form something else. It doesn’t have to be much different, but it has to be different. I have built stuff before, such as this “birds” nest (I built it, not a bird, just to be clear.)                                                                                          I must admit, it got tedious and frustrating at times, especially because I wasn’t building with anyone else, but I eventually got it done. And I have to say, it was pretty satisfying. But it did take an hour and a half, so it better have felt satisfying. But now that it’s not right after the time when I built it, I can look at it and be proud that I built it, just me. Well, that’s it for now.

One thought on “7th grade tech: Talking about building

  1. Inam hearing about this bird’s nest building project and I have to say it sounds pretty interesting! Having watched birds make nests before, I can see why it took you hours to work on it and why it would be so satisfying to enjoy the result.

    I like your description of building as starting with one or more things and ending up with something that you would consider to be completely different.

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