Ranting about Covid-19

This post is just going to be me talking about my perspective on Covid-19 and school. So if you don’t want to read that, scram! (Just kidding.)

Not going to lie, at the very beginning of this whole thing, I was kinda happy about it. Don’t you lie, you were also probably glad that there was a bit of a break in school (If anyone is actually reading this). Anyway, I was glad until we started getting e-learning, and it actually got a bit annoying, so I thought, maybe this thing had gone on for long enough, we could go back to school now. But no, going back to school kept being pushed back, and on one hand, this meant I could stay home, but on the other hand, it meant we had to continue with e-learning. Eventually, we learned that we weren’t going back to school. I was happy that something was decided, but I still really didn’t know what I felt about it. Then, I went through a few weeks before coming to now. School is nearly over, and I honestly feel sad that I can’t end it off in the school building. And the summer should hopefully be relaxing. But then, what happens when we go back to school in September? Nothing. It’ll be just like normal, but still, won’t it be weird to be out of the school building for at least 4 months? Summer is usually 3 months, but we’ve done e-learning for at least 2 months.

Well, that’s that. If you stuck around to read this entire thing, wow. I can’t believe you actually did. Whatever.



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