Reflection on My Immigration Interview

I interviewed my dad, Abhishek Sachdev, and he was born in India. He moved here, because he believed there were many opportunitiesĀ  in America. My Dada went to Cosmopolitan Education Society and after he graduated high school, he came to Chicago. We went to Stewart School of Business. There, my dad made new freinds, and became an engineer. Then he met my mom and they got married in 2008, and I was born 2 years later. 3 years after me, my sister was born, and no we’re a happy family.

Vote for Biden!

I would vote for Joe Biden because in my opinionĀ he has better plans in ending the COVID-19 Pandemic and he will take a step up to end climate change. Biden will make sure he will get quality education to all students. He will protect our social security benefits. Vote for Biden because he supports big problems and has a firm plan in ending all these issues.