Making Box

Yo what’s up people. It has been a while since the last time I posted stuff,.

Today I am going to be talking about a box that I was making in technology. I just finished routing and I am hoping that I could cut the top off today. I don’t really have anymore stuff to say so yeah….

Tech 7

Hey, I’m back. This is my first post in a while and I’m talking about building a desk. My dad owns an office in Manhattan and he built his own furniture. He asked me to help and it took a while but we built a desk and a book shelf using red oak and mahogany. I plan on posting a bit this quarter.

Almost burnt my finger

So this story begins a couple of weeks ago. I was hot gluing my switches and I pressed down on the tin foil and it burned, it burned a lot I quickly pull away my hand and jumping around waiting for it to dry. It finaly dried and I agreed with myself to not do that ever again.


Today in Technology we sat at our tables, and on each table sat a pretty small box. Each box had something on top of it and when you pulled the lever a flag on the top of the box would go up and down or side to side. Apparently, these boxes used gears so they can make something move. The real name is a breakout box. They are very fun to play with and I can´t wait to make one.

Making a Flashlight!

I am so excited to start a new project making a flashlight! It started slow, but after I got into focus I got a lot of work done. My flashlight looks really cool itś main colors are black, blue, and gold. It is a pretty small flashlight and I am very proud for myself for making it.

So Close To The End

As the quarter is coming very close to the end and I am pretty sad because I learned so much and this is my favorite quarterly because it encourages creativity. We have done so many projects and I was so surprised at what I have accomplished in these past 6 weeks. Mr. Calvert is such a great teacher and i’ll be sad when this quarter end. But I do want this quarter to end so we can get one step closer to summer vacation.


This might sound a little confusing but I am making switches out of cardboard. Its for another project and its not that hard. You have to have 2 objects with tinfoil on them, and when those 2 objects touch they connect to a cricut and that connects to a breadboard and makes an LED light, light up! We are doing a game with these switches and now that I have finished, I’ve finished all projects so far.


P.S more updates on the computer setup are coming soon!

Solder person

I have been trying to make a person out of solder and it has been going pretty slow. It took me a while to figure out how to shape the body, its position is going to be a dab position. I had finally completed it and it looks great. Not perfect because I know it could have been better.This is currently one of the latest projects we have done and I’ll update you guys on any further projects.

IPhone Stand

Lately I have been working on an IPhone stand and it’s almost complete. It is built to hold any type of phone from samsung to blackberrys. All I need to do now is paint it and attach LED lights and it will be pretty much done. I have worked very hard on it so far and I really want to finish

PC Set-up


So recently I have been saving every penny I own towards a new Pc set-up. It consists of lights, a monitor Hp Pavilion PC, a new face cam, a 60fps game card and more. I’m really excited to see the comparison of this set-up compared to my regular laptop. So far I have my new mouse and keyboard. When I finish I might take a video of my new set up. Can’t wait!