Rocket Reflection

I just came back from my group’s rocketry presentation. I was really nervous. The closer I got to the computer lab to present, the more scared I got. Once we started to present, I kind of stumbled and I felt a bit weird because my slides were the first two in the presentation. But after those first two slides, I was used to presenting and eventually I got through it! I tried to make the parents laugh by telling them that the guy screaming in the background of our third launch video was me. (It was me!)  Now that my group has presented, I can say that making and giving the presentations was a fun experience and one we’ll all remember. Only three groups went today and the other two will go tomorrow, on the second part of our share. After we were done, it was hard to keep quiet while looking at two other groups present for 12 minutes each, but we did because we knew how hard we had all worked on making the slides and practicing our presentations.


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