Building #4

When I got into my group for Rube Goldberg We thought of what should we do? We finally settled on simply pouring water into a cup. It was harder than we thought. How would it work? What should we use? We did not know so then one day my partner came up to me and said, “what if we pop a balloon?” I agreed and we planed our next meet.

We built everything but then we realized that it was only 5 steps. So we changed some stuff then we had 7. We had been wanting to use a pulley so we used it and that made 8 steps. We were running out of time. I was sick for a long time so we did not get to meet a lot. So the last meet we had we got right down to business. We recorded and time after time it would fail.

But, we were not ready to give up!

One thought on “Building #4

  1. I like how you added questions at the start but the first question doesn’t make sense, maybe you could say, “What should we do?”

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