It Worked! #5

I rolled the marble, it triggered all the traps, then, POP! When the machine worked I wanted to scream but I am not supposed to because part of script was to act casual. So I just felt excited inside. It felt good to actually finish. We were so happy! We finished right on time to. My partner had to go somewhere.

So… they dropped me off and I told my parents. They told me to do some editing. But first, I was going to show everyone the success! I know the video I showed, My family, My cousins (all of them), and my friends. Some people were on there 30th try! It was a great success!

Next… the editing.

One thought on “It Worked! #5

  1. I like how you added a lot of enthusiasm. I also like how you told us what you would do next and you gave us something to think about.

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