Meet #3

We first planned our meets. We would meet on Wednesday’s Saturday’s and some Sunday’s. Well, Wednesday did not work out because I was not feeling good. We met after our basketball games.

Each meet would be about 1-3 hours long. Our first meet was a Saturday it was 3 hours long and we finished building. All in one meet! Our second meet was next Saturday because again, I was sick on the following Wednesday. When we met on Saturday, we did some testing for ideas. We were ready!

Partner #2

I sat in my chair wondering who my partner would be. I looked around and finally I caught Will’s eye. He had looked at me and I looked back. Why not he be my partner. Then we talked and decided to do a group of 3. Me Will and Kevin.

As if planning a meet was already hard enough, no one was free on the weekdays except me. We settled on weekends for about 2 hours. But later that day Alex joined our group. He goes skiing on the weekend. So, we can only meet for a bit on Sunday. It’s hectic. We decided: Me and Kevin Will and Alex.

We Begin! #1

Today is no ordinary day, today… my class is building Rube Goldberg machines! A Rube Goldberg is a complex chain reaction all just to preform a simple task like turn on the lights. The most challenging thing about a Rube Goldberg machine in my opinion is coming up with an original idea.

I have been wanting to do a Rube Goldberg project since my sister did it. I was just in 1st Grade when she finished I thought it meant: “Playdate Heaven.” It actually meant: “HARD WORK!” that’s at least what my sister said. My teacher showed us a lot of videos about Rube Goldberg machines. It’s finally time- wait, who will be my partner?…