We Begin! #1

Today is no ordinary day, today… my class is building Rube Goldberg machines! A Rube Goldberg is a complex chain reaction all just to preform a simple task like turn on the lights. The most challenging thing about a Rube Goldberg machine in my opinion is coming up with an original idea.

I have been wanting to do a Rube Goldberg project since my sister did it. I was just in 1st Grade when she finished I thought it meant: “Playdate Heaven.” It actually meant: “HARD WORK!” that’s at least what my sister said. My teacher showed us a lot of videos about Rube Goldberg machines. It’s finally time- wait, who will be my partner?…

One thought on “We Begin! #1

  1. I like how you ended on a question, kind of like a cliff hanger. I also like how you described what a Rube Goldberg machine is for if anyone doesn’t know, Overall I thought it was really good.

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