Scratch Project Final #4

Finally, only one more to go! I went with the most simple idea possible: Pong game

Here is the final link

When I finished this I had too admit making these really made me better at coding. I might actually do some scratch on my own time. I started out liking Tynker more but now I like scratch more because the instructions give more info on how to do it. Even though Tynker lets you drag the bricks out of the instructions itself, it kind of leaves you hanging. I sort of enjoyed this!

Tynker Project #3

For my third project I went with Tynker this time because we have to do at least one of each. This game is really simple. It’s just Angry Birds with different characters.

Here’s the game…

When making this project I really wanted to get it done so I decided to rush this one a bit, but a games a game am I right? So I feel like the last 2 aren’t my best work but that was me getting tired of doing the projects.

Scatch Project #2

When making my second scratch project I thought of what can be better than the last one. Then I went with a classic game of Hide-an-Seek Here’s the game

I think the Easter egg will get me more views because players who some how find this game, can visit more and more times looking for the Easter egg. Hint: Has to do with when you lose. Well… scratch project’s 3 and 4 are not my best, but there ok.

Scratch Project #1

For my first scratch project I went with the simple stuff, I started with the “get the apples in the bowl” game. Here is the game.

It took me about a half hour to code. But it felt like ten minutes. I think my favorite scratch project was my 2nd. I honestly thought that everyone would think it’s bad because wouldn’t have met the expectations. I sure hope it does!