Tynker Project #3

For my third project I went with Tynker this time because we have to do at least one of each. This game is really simple. It’s just Angry Birds with different characters.

Here’s the game…

When making this project I really wanted to get it done so I decided to rush this one a bit, but a games a game am I right? So I feel like the last 2 aren’t my best work but that was me getting tired of doing the projects.

2 thoughts on “Tynker Project #3

  1. I this was definitely my favorite game of yours by far. I like how you didn’t only use the tutorial but you made a second level! Really nice job.

  2. I think this one is a good start, but you were lazy and didn’t really add a lot to it. You should add a little more. Maybe when the weird character falls, you win! Maybe there are different levels. I like the sounds, though.

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