Capstone #1 Finding My Topic

Capstone is a project where you pick a topic and research that topic a lot when you give a presentation. At first, I did not know what to do. After doing the packet to help make your decision it was clear. I was going to do VR. VR (Aka Virtual Reality) I thought was a very interesting topic because it had a lot of engineering and science.

But later on, I changed my topic to DC Comics VS Marvel Comics. I thought it was a better topic for me and I hope I enjoy the process

6 thoughts on “Capstone #1 Finding My Topic

  1. I liked your blog post a lot! My favorite part was when you defintly thought you were going too do VR but at the end you changed to comics. I think that you could explain a little more about what changed you mind to do comics. Overall it was great!

  2. I thought that you could have explained a little more about capstone. I also thought that it was cool how you added a part about you changing your topic. Good work!

  3. Such interesting potential topics! I’m looking forward to learning more about Forensics Science, the topic one you eventually chose. Please add mention of that to your blog.

  4. I think that you gave a basic idea of Capstone but I think you could add more. I think that you could also write a little more about how the packet helped you, why you thought VR was a good topic for you and why you switched your topic. Also include that you changed your topic to Forensics Science.

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