Ellis Island Trip

We recently went to Ellis Island to get a better understanding of immigration. It was fun for the most part, sometimes your just walking around. I enjoyed the movie but that’s not even the good part. I actually fell asleep because I was so tired  from waking up at 6:15 A.M. I liked lunch because used 50 cents to look at the statue of Liberty. Then we got to see some immigrant’s names. I found 2 distant relatives with MY last name it was awesome! The ride back was smooth pretty good. I liked the trip. 8/1o witch is pretty good.

One thought on “Ellis Island Trip

  1. I loved your blog post! I really think you did a good job telling what really happened. When you said I fell asleep in the movie I would probaly never say that in my blog post because I would be embarresed. I aslo liked how you said 8/10 showing your feelings about the trip. I really liked your blog post!

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