Site visit Capstone #3

Before I did my interview, I did my site visit. I went to a lab inside of Cornell University. I was so excited. I’ve been waiting for so long and now I can finally finish this. My interview/site visit was due about a couple of weeks ago. I went inside the college and ate lunch with Ron. You should know who he is from my last blog post. He was really open to conversation. When we got to the lab he introduced me to all the people that work in the lab as well.

I got to take a look at ALL the tech inside the lab. It was so cool. I saw specs of DNA bacteria and what viruses do to bacteria. After that is when I interviewed him. Then he offered to come back when I was 16 to see a different more interesting lab. Of course, I said yes. I will definitely go back.

One thought on “Site visit Capstone #3

  1. You did a great job explaining what you did. You put a lot of detail into. I do think that you could write more but overall good job.

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