Interview Capstone #4

I finally got my interview! It was so much cooler than I thought. His name was Ron he is one of my dad’s friends. I went to Cornell’s labs to see what DNA looks like. We ate lunch together while talking about enhancing DNA over a machine with a microscope inside of it. When I finished my site visit, I sat down with him and I asked my questions. He answered 7/10 questions. My favorite answer was that he “felt free in his workplace”. He got to decide what he did every day. I said thank you to Ron and then my dad and I left. It was fun to interview Ron, and it was better than I expected.

One thought on “Interview Capstone #4

  1. I like how you explained how you felt. I also like how you included that it was cooler then you thought and he answered 7/10 of your questions. Great job!

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