Final Capstone Post #7

Today I presented my final Capstone presentation in front of the whole class. I did it and there were some minor fixes. Up until that point I was really nervous. I felt like I wasn’t gonna do good because I thought I didn’t have enough information. I felt good at the end. After that, all I wanted to do was do it, again and again, fixing it and doing it.

Mine is very different from the rest of my class. I did mine by drawing and now I’m gonna use the smart board the whiteboard and the Easel. The Easel is a thing with a bunch of giant paper to write on. I’m really excited to present in front of another class instead of our own.

One thought on “Final Capstone Post #7

  1. I like how you explained how you felt before and after you presented but I think that you could wrote how you felt while you were presented. I also like how you included that yours was different from everyone else in the class. Good job!

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