Capstone #2 Sub Questions

Welcome to capstone part 2! Today I will be talking about choosing my main question and 5 sub-questions. I’ll tell you why I have to in a bit. But first, let’s have a little refresher of what happened last time. I choose VR then went to Dc Vs Marvel. What I’m pretty sure that I did not tell you is that I choose Forensic science. Can you make the connection between one DC hero that is a Forensic Scientist? Let’s get back to why I need 6 questions. Part of Capstone is that you need an interview with someone that has to do with the topic you study. Here are the questions I choose:

1: Who do Forensic Scientists work for?

2: What are the different careers in Forensic science?

3: What skills do you need to be a Forensic Scientist?

4: How much of an evidence sample is needed to obtain DNA results?

5: How do I interpret a forensic DNA report?

Alright, that’s all the info I can give for now Ill report asap goodbye for now!