My Constitution Research


It has been a couple weeks since my last post, and I’m still on my Constitution Research.  I researched a lot including browsing sites like Wikipedia, America’s Library, and Constitution Center. These websites informed me about all I need to know about Native Americans and their rights. The finished project along with the video will be posted on the 4th or 5th of February. Until then, stay safe, and goodbye.

My Constitution Question

I have thought a lot about my question. And I have come to a conclusion. My question is…

Were the Native Americans Citizens allowed to have the same right as white citizens?

I chose this question because I realized I knew little to nothing about the laws concerning the Native Americans. I also chose this question because I wanted to know if the Native American Citizens were being discriminated like the African Americans.

I will be posting the resources and research in further days.

Presidential Election

For president 2020 I support Joe Biden. This is because he is in general a more fit person for the Presidency. He supports changing our greenhouse gas emmisions, stopping our wildfires, and saving our planet. He is for the Affordable Care act and will improve it. He will make his goal to stop the pandemic. He will also raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Overall, Joe Biden would be a better president for the United States

Hi Everybody!

Hi! I have been doing many things since the school closure. 1st, I have written a LOT in my book I have been working on since the end of November. It has reached 105 pages! I have written this book with Max, in Mrs.Rickard’s class and I managed to speak with him. With our own personal G-mail accounts we spoke through hangouts and sent emails to coordinate times for writing. I created the doc with my school account but than moved it into a shared drive, shared it with myself, and made myself and Max the owner of the 8-person shared drive. I also played video games. (Why did I tell you that? That doesn’t matter!) I have also avoided contact and I am doing just fine. Since my dad works in finance and the stocks are nose-diving he was REALLY busy and went to work in the city (AVOIDED ANY CONTACT AND IS FINE!). So I am basically at home. I have also played video games with my brother. My brother connected to Hypixel from his computer (A Minecraft server) and played with me. I also have been doing my Do-part for my passion project. I am almost done! I have also gone outside for walks and bikes and it was good. I really think people need to think positive and not negatively. I think it is very important not to stress out on the coronavirus. This time during this pandemic i learned a lesson. It’s never good to be too fearful and it’s not good to ignore fears. See, I say this because I think not going outside is a mistake. It is going overboard. Neither is ignoring the danger of this disease a good thing. If people think “Oh, it’s like the flu!” that is incorrect. This strain of upper respiratory sickness is more dangerous than the seasonal Influenza. So I think that just washing your hands and avoiding crowds and not touching your face are the best things you can do! So I think you should never be too fearful or too little fearful. Yeah, It’s a normal to be afriad, but never always be afraid. So yeah, are you guys fine? Because I sure hope so. I also look forward to hearing from you.

Jamestown and Plymouth Venn Diagram

This is my Jamestown/Plymouth Venn diagram. This is my first colonial America blog post. I worked with Alex, Max, and Kaito. I compared Plymouth and Jamestown. The thing about this was that this was very interesting because Plymouth came after Jamestown and was much more successful and it shows how if people work than it will be much more successful. Enjoy!

The Raccoon Incident

This is my realistic fiction story. This is one of the three books in my realistic fiction series. This is still actually a work in progress so it is not finished and I will be updating this piece and making small revisions. In the making of this piece we learned a lot of how make a problem and solutions and got a better understanding of certain character traits and how to improve our stories. I also put a lot of thought into trying to make the story a lot more interesting. Keep in mind that this is a problem then solution story so when you read remember that there will be a happy ending. This story really is a true story and a scary one. The main character is actually from my dad perspective and thanks to him we were safe. Enjoy!

Reading the Weather, Reading the World – Project Reflection

The reading the weather reading the world was one of the most fun projects I did. Even though I went through some difficulties I really enjoyed it and it was a new experience for me. Working as a group on an ignite was really hard. When I started the unit I was eager to learn about volcanoes and to hear other things about extreme weather. I went through 3 steps, Research, The Narrative, Scripting,  and finally putting it into an ignite. First I did the research. I took around 2 weeks. We used tons of books and databases. When we finally thought our research was solid we started our narratives. This is what my narrative looked like

Important Events: Mount Pelee/ Mt. Saint Helens/ Mount Vesuvius/ Nevado del Ruiz  


When Mount Pelee erupted on May 8th, 1902 it was marked as the deadliest volcanic event of the 20th century. The volcano sent such a large cloud of gas towards the nearby town St. Perrie that it covered the town in gas, poisoning many people. At the end of the disaster only 2 out of the 29,000 former residents survived.


When Mt. St Helens erupted on May 18th,1980, it erupted violently. When the volcano erupted, people were shocked as had been dormant for the last 120 years. When St Helens erupted, it blew its top off releasing 540 million tons of ash out into the air. The forests turned gray, people even died from inhaling the poisonous ash. When the eruption ended the wildlife was greatly damaged and 57 deaths were confirmed. 


The Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 CE is probably the most known volcanic disaster on earth. When Mount Vesuvius erupted, it sent tons of ash flying into the air. Vesuvius was also a pyroclastic flow, the worst possible outcome of an eruption. A pyroclastic flow moves the lava much faster making it unavoidable. Scientists predict that a lot survived the main eruption but 16,000 people died overall. Pompeii was covered by the ash that Vesuvius released and was discovered 1669 years later in 1748. Vesuvius’s victims bodies can be seen if you go to Pompeii. Inside the bodies are not dead humans but rather the dusty remains of them. But Pompeii wasn’t the only town that was affected by Vesuvius. A town called Herculaneum on the west side of the volcano was hit by 6 pyroclastic surges. But Herculaneum wasn’t hit by so much ash still being visible in some parts unlike Pompeii which was buried in ash. Literally, Pompeii was covered in ash you couldn’t see it. 


On November 16, 1985, a volcano erupted. It’s name was Nevado del Ruiz and it’s worst eruption had begun. Nevado del Ruiz was a stratovolcano, that meant that it was mountain shaped. When Nevado del Ruiz erupted in 1985 it was a lahar. The only other time Nevado had a lahar was on March 12, 1595, 390 years earlier.  A lahar is a possible outcome of a volcanic eruption. A lahar forms when the ash from a volcano mixes with water causing a kind of mudflow with ash. This doesn’t seem so dangerous but the lahar carried rocks and they were fast flowing. A lahar water had ash, so if you consumed it you would be poisoned. Another problem is that when a lahar happens it was impossible to escape or swim through it. Plus you are forgetting that there is still lava coming for you. And there are also rocks falling. Also you can drown. A lahar is very dangerous and you should always be alert for volcanic disasters such as this. Nevado del Ruiz’s most recent eruption happened in 2016. Thankfully it wasn’t a lahar.

As you see this contained a lot of information just for 30 seconds but I decided That if I had 5 slides (4 slides plus the conclusion) I would be able to fit it. The next step was the script. The script was bassicly the shortend narrative. It looked like this.


Slide Time Script See
1 Opening 00:00 – 00:15 Volcanoes are deadly forces of nature and they may be dangerous but they are all part of our ecosystems. We will talk about the causes of volcanoes, the effects, Safety and measuring, and important events.
2 Lyla 00:00 – 00:30 Volcanoes form when a hot liquid called magma works its way up to the earth’s surface from within the upper mantle. The mantle is a soft layer of the Earth which is below the crust. The magma can escape places in the crust when it rises there.
3  Lyla 00:15 – 00:45 Sometimes when the magma has risen up to the Earth’s surface, gas bubbles

cannot escape and that is when pressure builds up.

When pressure builds up there can be too much and that can cause an eruption to happen. 

4  Abby 00:45 – 01:00 When a volcano erupts it can shoot out a volcanic bomb.  Volcanic bombs can be the size of a school bus or bigger. Volcanic bombs are only thrown from violently erupting volcanoes.  They are literally huge lava rock balls.
5 Abby 01:00 – 01:15 During the ice age it was a volcano that stopped it. The eruption didn’t stop it, the carbon dioxide that the volcano produced did. This is important because it shows that volcanoes are helpful. Without volcanoes we wouldn’t be alive right now.
6 Austin 01:15 – 01:30 An earthquake can be a sign that a volcano will erupt soon. If the earthquake is big the volcano is too.The tallest volcano ever recorded is Ojos Del Salado in Chile and it is 22,615 feet high. Tools That measure Volcanoes are  telescopes, and helicopters. Warning signs help people know an eruption is coming. 
7  Austin 01:30 – 01:45 The Volcano Explosivity Index (VEI) measures volcanic eruptions on a scale from 1 to 8. VEI 1 is a monthly tiny eruption. VEI’s  2-4 are mild eruptions. VEI’s 5 and above occur rarely and are considered very dangerous. The higher the number the more deadly and rare. A VEI 8 happens every 730,000 – 1,000,000 years and are considered a Supervolcano.   
8  Berke 01:45 – 02:00 There are so many important volcanic events and they are always happening. I am going to speak to you about 2 of the most interesting eruptions. When volcanoes erupt they can either be gentle or violent. Many volcanic disasters erupt violently unlike the constantly peacefully erupting volcano in hawaii Kilauea
9  Berke 02:00 – 02:15 The Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 CE is eruption is the most known eruption in the world. It was a pyroclastic flow, a volcanic eruption with fast flowing lava making it unavoidable. If you go to pompeii today you can see the last moments of the residents. A nearby town called herculaneum was also affected by Vesuvius.
10  Berke 02:15 – 02:30 The second and last eruption is the Nevado Del Ruiz eruption of 1985. This was an important eruption because it was a lahar. This meant that the ash from the volcano mixed with the water causing a poisonous mudflow. This was deadly because if you got stuck you would be poisoned and drown.


11 conclusion 02:30 – 02:45 As a conclusion, you learned about the causes of a volcano, effects, how to be safe from them, 2 important volcanic events, and safety/measuring. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed this group ignite.

As you saw I had 4 slides because I was limited. I really pushed the limit while making the script. When Mrs. Rago told me that I could only have 4 slides i had to take away 2 eruptions. This is my slideshow. Enjoy!