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Adding Persuasive Videos to a Shared Folder - 3rd Grade
3rd graders, this is a follow-up to the live lesson we did together. Your teachers will also review this again in class. You will have a folder in Shared with me called Persuasive 3D, Persuasive 3L, or Persuasive 3M. This depends on class, you (More)
3rd Grade Screencasts - Persuasive Writing
3rd Graders, Once you finish your Google Slides file about your Persuasive Writing, you can record yourself narrating it. To do that we will create a screencast. A screencast is simply recording the screen.   There are 2 main ways to do (More)
Responsible Use Policy - Grades 2-5
The Responsible Use Policy is a document that outlines, for all Scarsdale Schools users (teachers and staff alike) appropriate use guidelines for using district devices, accounts, and services. Every year I do this lesson with the students, usuall (More)
GMail for Students
3rd and 4th graders now have access to their GMail inboxes. 5th graders were given access at the start of 2020. Email in 3rd through 5th grade is designed to streamline communication. Teachers and students will still use Driv (More)
3rd Grade Blog Commenting Practice
This post is so 3rd graders can learn how and why to use the commenting feature, and to post some practice comments.   3rd graders, don't forget to use the More)
Padlet with 3M
Here is the Padlet for today's introduction: Fill in what you "Know" about Padlet and what you "Want" to know. After we play around with it a bit we'll add (More)
Social Studies with Adobe Spark Video
Adobe Spark is a great platform we've been experimenting with this year. Adobe Spark has a few great benefits including being cloud based so students can use any connected device and access their work anywhere, and it gives you 3 options; Spark Post, (More)
Poetry with Adobe Spark Post
Recently we introduced 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to the Adobe Spark platform of creative apps. Adobe Spark Post is used when creating graphics such as flyers, posters, infographics, and so on. Adobe Spark Page is for creating scrolling multim (More)
Moon Videos for 3rd Grade
Here are some helpful videos to use during the 3rd grade mon journal project:   Answer these questions as comments: What new things you learned from these videos? What things did these video talk about that you already knew? (More)
The Super Weird Annie Rehearsal!
I wiggled, jiggled, and squirmed SO much in my seat backstage! My servant scene was almost coming up and I was Mrs. Pugh! “When is it my turn?!” I can’t sit still because I’m too excited!   Ten minutes until my scene... Five minutes until (More)
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