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Rules post #1
The second day at tech, we learned about the rules and a basic learning  on how to use the tools,  we sat down and listened carefully to Mr.Calvert.  Rule #2 is to always have you hair tied back and no baggy clothes, so that it doesn’t get stuck in t (More)
Breakout EDU (Tech, 2nd post)
For the fourth class in Tech, we got to play a breakout game! But instead of having to break out, we had to break into a box! It was fun, and we did it fast! Then we did the box that would help, even though we had already finished, just for fun. That (More)
6th Grade Tech (1st post)
Hi, my name is Alexander, and this is the third day of technology at SMS. We haven't started doing any projects, although we have learned safety rules, such as making sure to tuck necklaces inside shirts so that you don’t get dragged into a saw. It’s (More)
Tech Stuff
Yesterday in Tech, we were learning about safety rules such as, "Slow down, THINK before you act" or "Power tools need concentration NO TALKING WHEN USING MACHINERY". Well today is the second day. Supposedly Tech is the best quarterly! The teacher se (More)
My little soilder Man
During the siolder person unit, you first have to bend the wire to any shape that you want. After you do that you should start soildering. If you don't heat it up with the wire before  applying the siodiering iron to heat up. If not, the sioldier wil (More)
LED Lights
In Technology class yesterday, we connected alligator clips with the battery wires, connected it to the board, connected some jumper cables with that, and connected it to the LED light to make it light up! I was so happy to see that the LED light act (More)
Making Switches!
In Technology class we’re making switches. I like making them, and I’m really excited for testing them out tomorrow! 😀 (More)
When we were learning about atoms yesterday. I remember Mr. Calvert saying that as much as you cut a grapefruit in half, and in half again, and again and again, you would never be able to find the atom and see it with your bare eyes. If you wanted to (More)
Getting Lost on The Way
The First Day of School and I'm already getting lost. It's not like I expected myself not to get lost. I expected myself to get lost. The first day of school was an A Day, I had Technology for my quarterly, and gym was right before it. Right after (More)
The 6th grade tech quarterly
As a former 5th grader, I always looked foward to growing up and trying new stuff in school, and out. One of the new things that I am now doing in middle school is having a technology quarterly. I have had very, very little experience with any sort o (More)
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