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Technology world records
1.Most Firefox tabs at once Have you ever thought you had a crazy amount of tabs. Well Justin bank actually left 11,411 tabs on Firefox breaking the world record for most tabs on Firefox at once. 2.The worlds largest smart phone In 2009 Sams (More)
Cool facts about Atoms
Biggest atom The biggest atom on the periodic table is oganesson which weighs at an atomic mass of 294. Oganesson contains of 118 electrons, 118 protons, and 176 neutrons. That’s huge compared to many smaller atoms such as silicon and nitrogen. (More)
Breakout game at school
Today at school my technology teacher, Mr.Calvert split the whole class into two groups. The objective for today, was to open 2 different boxes (assigned to each group)  that would contain a key to the storage of safety goggles in the room. Both boxe (More)
Hello world!
Welcome to your brand new blog at Scarsdale Schools Blogs Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. (More)
Why You Should get a Tesla
Teslas are one of the best cars you can get in todays world. For one, they help the environment, and for two, they also save oil by not using gas. when you first see the price of a Tesla you might not want to get one. However, they really are worth t (More)
Steve Jobs as a young kid
This summer I decided to read a book called Steve Jobs the Man Who Thought Different. It was a great biography about Steve Jobs and all the important things he did in his life. A big surprise that came across me while I was reading, was that Steve Jo (More)
what I should have told you a while ago to solder. That is the end of the sentence I started in the end of my last post. So first you have to shape your wire. Then you position it in the third hand (two clips to hold the wire). Once you have set everything up it is time to start sol (More)
The NEW big project❗️
You know I like to keep you in suspense about big projects, right?But you know I would tell you eventually, right? So here is the new big project: We are making automata! So far I am pretty much done with the inside of the box:More)
The breadboards are a way that people can test their circuits, once they have fully tested the circuit and it works they can print on a real breadboard so that they can fully work the circuit. Today we worked the breadboards and then I got 10 lights (More)
Self driving Cars
Yesterday we went over the topic of self driving cars. The first to invent a self driving car isn't tesla but google, google made a semi-autonomous self driving car. That means that it is not fully self driving but the driver has to take over some ti (More)
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