June 15

E-Learning Monday June 15th

Good morning!

This morning our final discussion starter of the year is for you to write about your favorite memories from 3rd Grade. My favorite is that I was able to spend it with you! 

We will be finalizing the fantasy story Padlet this morning. Have your story and video ready to go if you haven’t posted it yet! 

Today’s Zoom Schedule:

10:30 our class 

1:00 Spanish 

1:45 Music

2:30 Library Broadcast

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Continue your work practicing classifying quadrilaterals by using IXL. You should spend 30 minutes on this. Strive for a Smart Score of 80 on each. Stop after 30 minutes, or keep going!

IXL: DD: 1 & 3-8*


Third graders, Harlem is the next stop on your tour of NYC. Located in upper Manhattan, Harlem is rich in culture, architecture, and people! 

Watch the video: Welcome to Harlem

Harlem Slides (also in your social studies folder)

SeeSaw Activity assigned in the Activities tab


SCIENCE: The Heathcote Garden 

We are back in the garden! Toby from Kaleidoscope Garden wants to say hello! Check out this quick video to see what the Heathcote garden is looking like and where all the fresh vegetables are going after harvest. 

Heathcote Garden Introduction

Let’s talk about the amazing process of photosynthesis. Watch the lesson video with Mrs. Mangan below, and then complete both the Brainpop assignment and Seesaw assignment to show your learning. 

Garden Lesson 1: Photosynthesis Video

Seesaw Photosynthesis Activity 

Brainpop Video and Quiz: Photosynthesis


Optional Welcome to 3rd Grade Adobe Spark

Welcome to 3rd Grade Videos Tutorial

3rd Grade Folder for Videos

Watch the tutorial to learn about this special, but optional project. We thought it would be fun for the third graders to create a quick video highlighting some of the fun activities you enjoyed this past year that the new upcoming 3rd graders have to look forward to! This video reminds you about how to access Adobe Spark Video and a step by step guide of how to find the 3rd Grade folder titled “Welcome to 3rd Grade Videos” in your “Shared with Me” folder of your drive. Have fun! We can’t wait to see all the wonderful videos you will be creating!

I’ll see you all at 10:00!

MsBoyer xo



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