First Week of School

My First Week Of School


Uuuugh can you please help get me out of school. I want to get out of school right now. It’s Friday and at 2:00 pm I only have one hour and 10 minutes till I’m free. I should probably explain what I’m talking about. today is the last day of the first week. I want to get home so I can relax and lie down. I can’t wait till this school day ends. Well but I did have some fun in the first week and there’s so many things that I want to do.


This week I had so much fun. For example, we had identity bags. Identity bags are bags or boxes that have 4-6 things that are special to you.For my first item I brought one of my first pairs of goggles ever, next I brought ying and yang bulls, and my pin for Discover camp and finally for my last item my first sketch book ever. Another thing we did was an index card tower challenge which was that we had fifteen minutes and one hundred cards plus we needed to work as a team. After we made our card tower we stopped building and we made sure it didn’t fall down. 


Something that I’m looking forward to is the challenge course trip. It is a parkour course and a field trip at the same time.It has zip lines, ropes, things to climb on even low courses for people that are afraid of heights, it’s got everything.Another thing I’m looking forward to is field day. Last year I saw the fifth graders doing field day. They got ice pops! so I’m really excited. I’m pretty sure they also got other snacks too. I even saw someone get chips. They were so lucky. I want it to happen right this instant. But sadly it’s at the end of the year.


In summary there’s lots of things I can’t wait to do and also I already did lots of things that were fun. Think about all the fun that I could have in the upcoming year. So there’s going to be an awesome year ahead of you and me. So I have a question for you. What fun things did you do in the first week of school? What are you looking forward to? There are so many things I had to leave out. Hopefully I can include everything next time I write a blog post. Maybe not but that is next time. Thank you for reading my blog post. Have a great day. Good bye.