My Narrative Writing

The Walk Home 


I asked my mom to walk home alone. “ Please let me walk home alone,” I asked. She agreed, but only because our house was very close to the school. I thought it was amazing to go home unsupervised. It was my first time. 


Not too long ago, in Houston, Texas, I wasn’t able to walk home by myself because the school was too far, so my mom drove me to school. Now that I moved to New York, I was able to walk home by myself.


It was very refreshing. I thought to myself:” Yes!!!!  It is so exciting, even though my house is two blocks away!” It was my first time, and I was going to make the most out of it. 


While I was walking home, I had a big smile on my face. My backpack was over my shoulder, bouncing up and down. I was jumping and skipping instead of walking home. I played at the park for a little while. I noticed lots of things during my walk. For example, I saw birds, colorful trees, and rabbits jumping across the park.


My mom was happy when I came home. She was pretty worried I would get lost and not find my way home, but I did.



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