We the People: These are your Rights By Adam Lambert

Here is a link to the video; These are your rights.

I think the most important right for a citizen to have are search warrants. The police should not be allowed inside without a search warrant because they have no reason to mess with other people’s stuff unless they are suspected of a crime and the police have a search warrant. The most important right for a student to have is religion. It doesn’t matter if they are colored; they should still get the same teaching and learn the same things. I think all citizens should get the same rights because it is unfair for other people if they are not allowed to do something, but other people are allowed. That is how things should be fair. Rights should be limited. You should not be allowed to use your guns that are supposed to be used to keep animals away for killing people. I think one right that we don’t have, but we should have is share. Poor people that are poor and can’t afford homes should get a nice place to live. We should be kind to everyone here. That is why they should get everything they need to live. 


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