Rube Goldberg

For the rube Goldberg, our objective was to get cereal into a bowl. It started off with a marble rolling down a tube which then hit dominoes. The dominoes hit a marble that rolls into more dominoes that are securing a book. The book falls hitting a swinging ball that then hits the cereal into the bowl.

Blog post 3

I have just recently finished my info graphic. My final project is looking good but maybe a little more color could help. I am doing my final final revisions tomorrow morning. Its looking good but it is also a little plain. maybe some more words can help with that.

blog post 2

My question is “what rights did freemen have.” I got my info from three sites. Britannica, FactCite and I had to choose from three different presentation selections. ignite, WeVideo, Info graphic. a ignite is a 5 minute presentation. with each slide moving every fifteen seconds you need to choose your words wisely. a WeVideo is a video you can put together you can add transitions words and even music an info graphic is a slide that has all your info in separate boxes. over all i chose info graphic and I am feeling great about this project.

Who Do I Think Will Win The Election

Joe Bidon


I think Joe will win. Joe wants to raise taxes so we can build a better community. Trump thinks differently; he thinks if you lower taxes it will make smaller jobs and businesses.


Joe Bidon


Joe wants to raise taxes so he can fix the roads, make more schools and make a better community. By building more houses, schools ,shops and other things there will be more jobs so there needs to be more workers and homeless people can start making money. So they can afford food. He also uses taxes to upgrade our healthcare system and many other things.

Electoral Collage

Electoral college is a type of voting system. Each state gets a certain number of votes. The amount of votes varys from state to state. For example, Florida gets 29 votes but Texas gets 38. Whoever gets 270 or more votes wins, but it isn’t that simple. They count every ballot in each county and then determine if the state is republican or democratic. But the real deal are the swing states. Swing states change during every election. For example, Michigan voted republican in 2016. But in 2012 it was democratic. In 2016 Hillary won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college. The popular vote doesn’t matter; there are a total of 538 electoral votes. The electoral votes are what decides our president although it may not seem fair, it is extremely efficient and useful.

personal essay

True story narritive

This is an unfinished story we worked on in mid september. we were supposed to write a story about ourselvs it is not a perfect story because i was the first story we wrote


This is my expert book on sharks. I chose sharks because sharks are awesome creatures. We worked really hard and we made this in 3 months. First we drafted it, then typed it down, then copied and pasted on google slides, then I put it on my blog.