Today at school my technology teacher, Mr.Calvert split the whole class into two groups. The objective for today, was to open 2 different boxes (assigned to each group)  that would contain a key to the storage of safety goggles in the room. Both boxes had 3 different locks, including a directional lock, a letter lock, and a number lock. Our first clue was found under a box. It talked about a person that made a bunch of broken rules. Then we looked at all the rules that were broken on the first clue. We then found out that the rules broken, were rules numbers 5, 8, and 11. We then entered numbers 5,8, and 11 into to the number lock, and the number lock came off.

Then we found another clue which was a  maze of wrong and right rules. We then followed the path to the correct rules. The path to all the correct rules went up, left, up, and up (or something like that). We then went up, left, up, up  (or something like that) on the directional lock and it opened.

After that we were then called over for a clue by Mr.Calvert. He said there is something on our side of the room and the other side of the room that are the same. We looked around and saw a sign on both sides of the wall. It was a rule that included the word FIRST in red outline. We then put that into our word lock to find out that we were correct. We finished it in a little less than 25 minutes!

Breakout game at school

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