Teslas are one of the best cars you can get in todays world. For one, they help the environment, and for two, they also save oil by not using gas. when you first see the price of a Tesla you might not want to get one. However, they really are worth the prices that they are sold for. I know this because my family has a Tesla and they absolutely love owning one. Did you know that if your Tesla is slightly out of your garage you can actually drive it inside with just your car keys. Not to mention, your Tesla will never run out of battery, because you can install a Tesla charger at home. Which is so much better than having to go out to get more gas. You might think that driving a Tesla is hard and much more different than driving a car. However, it’s not that much different. According to my dad it’s like driving a golf cart basically. So please, the next time you pass by a Tesla store considering buying one or at least ask questions to the staff.

Why You Should get a Tesla

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