This summer I decided to read a book called Steve Jobs the Man Who Thought Different. It was a great biography about Steve Jobs and all the important things he did in his life. A big surprise that came across me while I was reading, was that Steve Jobs was a whole different kid as we all remember him as today. Which is why I decided to share what I learned about Steve Jobs childhood to whoever is reading this.

Steve Jobs was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs on 1955 in San Fransisco. As a kid growing up, Steve was very close to his adopted parents, Paul and Clara. He would usually spend most of his time with his father in their family garage. He seemed to be a pretty good kid at home. However, Steve was a whole different story at school. According to my book, Steve would usually pull pranks on other kids with friends while at school. Steve also didn’t pay any attention to his teachers, because he thought that school was pointless and a waste of his time. Which got him into a lot of trouble. His dad received many calls from the school and thought that it was the teachers fault for having Steve acting out so much. This obviously didn’t make Steve stop the pranks, because it led him to think that the pranks were not that bad. The pranks kept on happening until Steve got older and became a high schooler. As Steve got older he actually got a scholarship to Stanford, but turned it down so he could go to a college called Reed. I don’t exactly know why he did this, but I might think it was because he didn’t want to handle all the work that Stanford had to offer.

In conclusion, I wrote this blog to tell whoever reading this that, it is never too late to change. For example, look at Steve. He used to be a kid that played pranks and turned down many great schools most likely trying to avoid work, but now we all remember him as a great person that created so many things that help our lives everyday.



Steve Jobs as a young kid

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