This article starts talking about Dr.Paul Stoffels and how he can find a possible cure for the corona virus. He is confident that he could find a vaccine for the virus that will work well and stay active. The company that he is currently working for was able to find a cure for Ebola and within 6 months of the virus’ outbreak. Many other scientists are trying to find the vaccine until it reaches too a lot of people. Many companies are also trying to find a vaccine. Three of those companies received $12.5 million from Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) in order to have enough develop vaccines. One of the groups that received money to find a vaccine was the University of Queensland in Australia. Paul Young the head of schools Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences stated that the vaccine could be developed in 6 months. He hopes that the vaccine could contain the virus. The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is also one of the many organizations working towards a vaccine. The director of the organization, Anthony Fauci said that they could make a lot of the progress within the next 3 months. He also states that they still need samples of the virus from China to in order to begin testing for a vaccine.

I think it’s good that a lot of scientists and organizations are working to find the vaccine for the corona virus. This is important, because the virus could spread around the world. If this does happen many people can die from the virus. I also think that the scientists working on this could find the vaccine if they have the right funding and resources. For example, if they receive samples of the virus soon, they might find the vaccine in less than 6 months. If the virus is found soon it could save many lives and stop the virus from spreading.

Coronavirus vaccine article – Gavin Su

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