Hi I’m Gavin and this is my first blog post. This post will be about what it means to build something. In my opinion, the process of building something is to take materials, parts, and your knowledge in order to form a project. The result of building something can range from many things.¬† Such as buildings, houses, machines, robots, and much more. I have built something in the past during my tech class in last year, in which we worked on many projects (I don’t have any pictures of my 6th grade tech projects so I can’t put photos of project in this post).

One of the projects that I spent a lot of time on last year was my waterproof flashlight project. In this project I learned how to solder and I used a material to make my waterproof flashlight. Although I did a good job on this project, I felt behind while making it. While I was making my project, I was confused about where I was going to put everything and the necessary materials I needed. Therefore, making the project difficult. Also, I did not do this project with a partner which made it slightly harder  for me to understand the project. This project took a long time for me to do. However, I never ended up using the object I made, because I never found a time in which I needed to use a waterproof flashlight.

Building – To build something

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