For this blog post I chose to talk about current day technology. Specifically, I’ll be talking about AI or artificial intelligence. I chose to talk about this topic because AI is on the rise and more and more people are using it. According to an article I read nearly 5 out of 6 people in America use AI services. Such as car services, smart home devices, home personal assistants, and much more. Personally, I also use Ai services every day. In my home I have an google home bot which is very similar to an amazon Alexa. In which both of them are helpful for answering questions on the internet and also adjusting settings in your home, such as your lights. Although Ai is very helpful it can also cause many problems in the future. According to an article I read nearly 73 million jobs will be eliminated by 2030 by AI. This means that millions of people will lose their jobs to robots. So my question about this topic is wether Ai is helpful or harmful?

5/14 blog post

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