learn storm

I just did a project called learn storm and it is about having a positive mind set. A positive mindset is to be positive no matter what. I helped me realized I could do somethings that are some times challenging. When you think positive you feel like you can do something. It’s encouraging to me because when I have trouble doing something I think positive and I feel like I could do it. One time I had trouble with a math problem and I wanted to give up but then I had a positive mind set and I did the problem and got it right. I learned to always stay calm and to stay positive no matter how hard something is and to try your best. sometimes when I have trouble I take deep breaths and think I could do it and I also made goal for my self too. That’s something I do, you can stretch or do things to keep you focused and try your best. Do not forget to stay focused, positive, and to try your best.

– Gavin


4 thoughts on “learn storm

  1. Great Job! I agree that you should always stay positive and always be Persistent I look forward to seeing your next post and by the way Go Blue!

  2. I wonder how a person could be positive all the time no matter what. That seems impossible to me. Is it really possible do you think? Like, sometimes a person just feels sad and frustrated and maybe angry. Can you think of a time when that happened to you? What can a person do to keep moving forward when they just want to give up?

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