GMail for Students

3rd and 4th graders now have access to their GMail inboxes. 5th graders were given access at the start of 2020.

Email in 3rd through 5th grade is designed to streamline communication. Teachers and students will still use Drive, Docs, Classroom, Kami, etc to leave each other comments on specifics pieces of work, but now they will have email available for direct one-to-one communication that isn’t necessarily connected to a specific project or body of work.

Teachers can now communicate directly with students for all manners of e-learning. To this point 3rd and 4th grade teachers have emailed parents who in turn direct their children to look for items in Drive or Classroom. In addition, parents have had to email questions to teachers and then relay the answers back to the students. With GMail, students and teachers can communicate directly.

Turning on email for grades 3-5 doesn’t mean we’re taking parents out of the communication loop, it just means we are streamlining communication so students in those grades can be more independent throughout e-learning.

I (Mr. Casal) will be meeting with all classes to review expectations and some basic GMail functions. During these meetings we will be looking at this presentation:

GMail for students is restricted to users. Just as with Drive, GMail is closed within the Scarsdale Schools domain.


From here on out 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students should be checking their school GMail account regularly and using their school email to communicate directly with teachers.

Feel free to contact Mr. Casal with any questions.


Thank you

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