4th Grade – Fox Audiobook w/WeVideo

4th graders,

Now that you have some practice with WeVideo we are going to turn your Fox book into an audiobook. If you need to remind yourself about the basics of WeVideo click here to go back to the blog post with the practice tutorials.

To get started:

  • Go to WeVideo.com
    • log in
  • Go to Projects
    • Make a new Project (Personal)
    • call is Fox Book
  • Inside the new Fox Book project create a new Edit
  • Go to My Media and Import the Fox slides

Your Fox Audiobook will have

  • 2 seconds of black and the beginning and the end
  • Use the images shared with you via Google Drive
    • Place the images on track Video 1 in the same order as in your Slides
  • Add your text on Video 2
    • you can choose an animated text or static text
    • text needs to be the same throughout the entire video
  • Record your voice reading the book
  • Add appropriate music
    • music should start at 0% and get no higher than 20% before fading back to 0% at the end
  • You are allowed to use transitions between pages
    • the transition needs to be the same between all pages
    • you can use a different transition between the black and front cover, and bak cover and black if you want

You are re-making your Fox book in WeVideo but using the opportunity to add animation to text, a music track, and your own voice to convey the feel and tone of your book.

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