Jun 10


Capstone is coming to an end I’m sad but glad. I’m sad because I really liked this project but happy because it was hard and I didn’t want to do more work. In the middle of this project, I had to start over your probably wondering why I had to start over well it top secret information. I’m really proud of my work well if you really want to know how proud I am take a look at this photo.

May 17

As I said in my last post we have been working on our capstone project mine is Pfizer and Moderna’s covid 19. Part of the project is to interview someone.


I interviewed a family friend who works at Pfizer. I had a lot of trouble coming up with questions and some of them he couldn’t answer. The interview went very nicely he told me a lot about mRNA and why it is so important and why people should get the vaccine. He said he didn’t want me to use his name so I have to talk to my teacher about what I should do.

I also tried to get an interview with someone who works at Moderna but I didn’t have time. I am very excited to see what’s next.


May 16

Right now it’s the time of year when we have capstone. Capstone is a big research project that we do in fifth grade. I’m excited about this because I get to use all of the research skills I have learned in the past years. The first thing that we had to do was develop a topic. I wanted to pick something I was interested in so I chose the covid 19 vaccine specifically the Pfizer and Moderna. Next, we had to come up with the main question it was challenging but fun my main question was what is the significance of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Ok, I have the main question but I have to have some sub-questions so what I did was think about what they might be then I had to make them relate to my main question. One of my sub-questions is What is mRNA and why is it significant? Another one is Why is it significant that people get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine? In all, I still have work to do and I cant wait to complete this project.


Mar 28
  • Why did Hitler hate jews?


Hitler hated Jews because he believed that everyone had to be the same Hitler’s vision was that everyone had to have blond hair blue eyes and had to be catholic. He also was jealous of Jews because they were more wealthy than people like him. 


  • Without Mr. Nasser, what would Mahoud’s journey be like?


Without Mr. Nasser Mahoud’s journey would have been very bad because even if the boat wasn’t there Mr. Nasser offered to give him and his family shelter and he also gave them a ride to the boat so they didn’t have to walk in the pouring rain.


Feb 18

In class, we are working on a Rube Golberg machine. I was super excited and very nervous. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex machine using chain reactions to complete a simple task. I got a lot of inspiration from youtube videos.

My teacher said we needed to have at least 3 simple machines in my Rube Goldberg machine a simple machine is a small machine that makes life easier a lever, pulley, wheel, wedge, and incline plane. My simple machines are a wheel, inclined plane, and pully.

One of the most challenging parts so far of this experience was planning and starting to build. Planning was challenging because I didn’t know what I was going to build and I had to brainstorm. Starting to build was challenging because I didn’t know all the contraptions would go together.

One of the most fun parts of this experience was learning from my mistakes and thinking, ‘Oh now I understand!’

My brother was a big help in finding materials because we have a big house with lots of materials and I am only one person looking for materials but that changed when he helped and found some materials with me

This is one of my inspiration videos

I’m really excited to see how the rest of the project will turn out!

Rube Goldberg Sketch

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Jan 24

I think the purpose of this project was to have fun learning about the constitution and learning about people during the time that the constitution was made. I chose to write about Alexander Hamilton because he is someone that is courageous and was willing to give up his life to save his country.

The research of the project was fun and also very challenging because we had to go to different resorses to find information and we had to put it in our own words and it was fun because we got to learn something new. The script was very hard because we had to figure out where to cut the writing and time it well.

I enjoyed the slideshow part because we found photos that match our writing but that was hard to. The most challenging part of this project was the script. The part that I enjoyed the most was the slideshow because the photos would make people understand the writing more. Two major learning parts were learning more than I know about Hamilton and learning how much he cared for his country. In conclusion, I had a really fun time with this project and hope to do it again.

Dec 07

Dogs Reflection and Feature Article

My topic was about dogs. The reason I came up with this topic of dogs because I love dogs and I think they are amazing animals. The message that was in the article is that dogs are great and intelligent but they also need a lot of care and love.  Something that was very enjoyable about writing this article was writing about training. That’s because I’ve had a lot of experience training my dog. Something that was challenging was writing about healthcare because I am not a vet but I go with my dogs to the vet to comfort them.


A technique I use most effectively is a comparison because comparing a dog training hard for a treat is about the same as a businesswoman or man and you are the boss and your dog has to work hard to get its pay as treats. Something I am really proud of is expanding my information. A feature article can be compared to a personal narrative because a personal narrative does not have any facts; it’s mostly just telling a story in your life.


In conclusion, I thought that writing a feature article was really fun because I got to write something I knew a lot about.

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Dec 02

In the two books, Smoky Night and Fly Away Home, there are similar and different parts, purposes, and messages. In Fly Away Home, one message is that even in the darkest times, there is hope, and that is the same for Smoky Night. I think the cat and the bird both symbolize hope for the two characters.  For example, in Fly Away Home the bird symbolizes always keeping on trying because it didn’t give up when it was trying to get out of the airport. The cat gave Daniel hope when the riots were happening.

Both of the settings help the stories come to life. For example, in Fly Away Home an airport is a big place where a lot of people are roaming and it’s easy not to get noticed, and there are people changing and brushing their teeth, so it is a great place to live. In Smoky Night, the setting was a small little town with a church and that made it a community and that was where the riots were happening. And that’s what made both of those stories come to life.

In conclusion, those are the similar and different parts, purposes, and messages.

Nov 23

The most important right that I think a person living in a free country should have is the right to practice any religion. The right that I think that a student should have is the right to speak without getting harmed or killed. I think that some people who have used their rights wrong, many times, should not have the same rights as other people for example if someone has abused the right to bear arms they should not have that right anymore. I think your rights should not be limited unless you have abused the rights. I think one right that we don’t have, that should be a right, is the right to healthcare no matter your color or gender.

Nov 16

This song means to me that when we get weak we in a way get stronger and we grow as better human beings. The lyrics relate to government because it talks about equality and liberty and casting votes for example in a line it says “now they cast their votes because the people want to speak”. The chorus makes me feel happy and it says ah we the people, we the people we get a little bit stronger every time you think we get a little weak we get a little bit stronger this means that we the people get stronger. One question that I have is how long did it take to write this song.

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