Christmas Eve

This year is the turning point in Christmas Eve for my family. Christmas Eve has always been at my grandmother’s house (at least since I can remember), but this year it will be at mine. There are a bunch of traditions on Christmas Eve.  We are going to carry some of them but we are discarding some too. Like, we are not keeping the grab bag. The grab bag is when Everyone has a number. And the best numbers you can get are the first and the last. If you get the first number (1) you pick out of the grab bag first. Most of the gifts in there are gag gifts, but there could be something else.  If you get the last number, you could steal what someone else got. I once got the last number, so I got to steal a gift from someone else. The gift I got were dog treats but I stole a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks. We are keeping the tradition of always having shrimp and chips for an appetizer. I’m so excited for Christmas Eve! But I’m bummed that Christmas is on a Monday.

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