EVE before Christmas eve

The eve before Christmas eve is so much fun! My cousins, grand parents, and my family all get together on the eve before Christmas eve and have a big dinner , then open our presents from each other. This means we don’t get presents from them on Christmas eve. The eve before is so much fun, but I gotta say, it’s a long wait before we get to open presents. Something that is a tradition that the kids do, is that we all go up against the wall except one person who goes in the middle of the room. That person has one of the two giant pillows. The other people have to get by without getting tackled by the one in the middle. And the person who gets to the other side last is the next in the middle. Another fun tradition we do on Christmas eve and the eve before is the present shake (only kids). We go over to the tree and stand near the presents. We go over to the big ones first and see who they are for. Than we do that with the rest of them. When we are done we guess what they are. I once saw a big flat bow that was for me, and me and my cousins (and sisters) guessed it was a flat screen. It was not. It was a knock hockey table. Still good! But then we go over and shake the presents. It’s one of my favorite days of the year!

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