Rube Goldberg #1 (sketch)

In class we are doing the rube gold berg project. My partner Xiyan and I are really excited. One thing I noticed that I could reflect on was our sketch. It was not easy.  We had our materials list by our side. But we weren’t really sure how our R.G would end.  Our task was to drop a gumball in a bowl. But once we completed that sketch, we realized that we only had 5 steps. One thing that we need to improve more is paying attention to the steps so far. We did it again and this time we only got 7 steps. We went back again and got ourselves to 9 steps.  After we were done we felt very proud of ourselves.

One thought on “Rube Goldberg #1 (sketch)

  1. It’s great to see how you worked together to make new iterations to meet the expectations of the projects. Where is your sketch?

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