A Long Walk To Water

A Long Walk To Water is 2 stories in 1.  The stories alternate. One of the stories (1985 southern Sudan) is about a boy named Salva who lives in a small village. He has had a very happy life until a civil war came into his village. He is forced to run away. He walks on and on until he gets to Ethiopia.And then again, he must go to Kenya to reach yet another refugee camp. The other story (2008) is about a girl named Nya. She has to fetch water all day and everyday. She wishes to go to school. She also lives in the village during the wet season but must leave her village for a camp in the dry season. Both of these stories take place in Sudan.


In the book “A Long Walk To Water” there are many qualities of effective leadership. Some of them are shown in this book such as bravery, confidence, perseverance, kindness, loyalty, skills in life, and strength. Salva demonstrates these qualities. He has to be brave with all those questions floating around his mind, and when uncle died, he has to be brave and keep pushing through the pain.  He demonstrates  perseverance because even when he was starving he still fought through it and preserved through it all. He just wouldn’t stop walking because if he didn’t he wouldn’t survive. Salva has learned how to show all of these qualities of leadership from uncle. When uncle had died, he had felt stronger.

Salva’s  philosophy can help me in my life because he makes me think in a different way. His bravery inspires me to be brave. Particular in this story, perseverance is very important. It is important because Salva needs to preserve through tough times. He had to keep going no matter what happened. He pushed through even better when uncle died because Salva carried on that perseverance from uncle.  In my life, I can better develop the ability to preserve by keep practicing what I would like to achieve, I can also put in extra time to achieve my goal.

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  1. Great introduction; you summarized the story and let the reader know who the main characters are in a clear and concise way. Your last sentence about “extra time” is so important. Putting in the time is an active way of persevering. Well said!

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