Capstone #1 (choosing a topic and main question)

Capstone is a big project where we get a topic (we choose) and we come up with a main question that we want to research about. Capstone is done alone and done mostly in school.

For capstone, I am researching about Aruba. That topic was too broad, so I’m going to call my project “All about Aruba”. (It’s obviously not All about Aruba but some facts) I’ve chosen this topic because I’ve gone to Aruba all my life, yet I know so little on it. Aruba is one of my favorite places, plus almost no one knows what Aruba is. My main question is “What is unique about Aruba among Caribbean Islands and how have those aspects attracted tourists there?”. Then we had to rate our question 1-4. I asked different people and the all said 3.8. I was very proud of myself.

My main question was not actually hard. Most of my questions were 2s. But 2 of my questions were 3s. Combine them together, and make a 4! Thats what I did! I was really happy with my question in the end. My topic on the other hand was so hard to choose. I knew I couldn’t do baking because my mom didn’t want me too, I wanted to do Pepsi but then I changed my mind….. this is the process I went through like, 20 times. Then all of a sudden an idea just POPPED¬†into my head. ARUBA! Why haven’t I thought of that before?¬†

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