Tech Post #3: Soldering

This week in tech we started our soldering  unit. The first step was to think of ideas, but there was a catch, you could only use five wires. The next  step was to create a circle/ the frame. We had to wrap a wire around piece of wood, then twist the excess wire tightly and shape it into a wrapped circle. The circle was later used to string the charms on to the necklace. The next step was to cut the five wires and bend them into the shapes we wanted them. Then came the scarier part, In order to connect  the wires we had to solder. The soldering iron gets up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit. I was decently scared for this step, but in the end I just relaxed and was able to solder. I made the lighting bolt charm in the photo, but I didn’t make the J charm. Soldering is just using a hot iron to melt a smaller wire, when the wire melts it becomes like a glue to the charm letting you stick the pieces together, but DON’T TOUCH IT! Remember the iron is extremely hot.

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