Tech Post #6: Flashlight Shapes

We were building our flashlights we had certain shapes to work with. We had…

– 90˚ angle pipes, 45˚ angle pipes, double 90˚ angle pipes (two connected), round edged end pieces (bottom of the picture), end pieces with straight sides (top of the photo)

And lastly we could use a connecting piece, but we did not get it as easily. We had to measure the one drawn in our mechanical sketches and we had to measure it out on a large pipe and cut it with a saw. In this part I ran into a problem. I was able to fit it in the box that it had to fit in, but it didn’t fit on my page, at first it’s was no big deal, but as the steps got more complicated, it became more of a problem. Eventually I was able to solve the problem, but I spent mush more time on the steps than I had planned to.

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